Conflict, Chaos & Quest: How We Craft Our Life Stories


Details to be posted soon.  I will notify you when the first seminar is posted online later this summer.

What We Explore:

Video 1 - Our storytelling is how we establish our identity within our family, our community, and our world. But our storytelling always follows archetypal patterns that are hard-wired into our psyches. That is, we use the same story-patterns common to oral folktales and ritualized mythologies.  This seminar examines What these pattern are, Why we cannot escape them, and How we can use them to creatively tell our story.

Video 2 - All of our stories fit into three patterns, but the pattern that we choose has profound impact on the story we tell. These three patterns are not just the background of any tale we tell, but they are the bedrock of our belief-system.  They create meaning in our storytelling.

Video 3 - Conflict is inherent to our “bicameral bodies, minds, and psyches”  Why our stories are about “This and That”, “Either/Or”, “Yes and No” and every other binary set of opposition that dwells in our language.

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