Storytelling for Your Community

Stories invite listeners to take a journey in their imagination.  To go beyond thinking and reasoning to discover treasures hiiden in the heart.  Stories invite strangers into a fellowship where loneliness vanishes and friendship abounds.


Whether your community is large or small, you can enjoy some of the 300 stories that I tell from my imagination and my heart.

Amrita Ancient Storyteller

Adults, teens, and children 9 or older are all welcome.  All we need is a comfortable room and an hour or two together.

Some simple refreshments to share during the break between two sessions would be nice.  Or perhaps a festive meal to follow the storytelling.  Day or night? Weekends or weekdays? It’s all up to you.

american storytellers

And which stories should I tell?  Legends, folktales, ancient myths, history?  From one culture or from many?  Around a holiday theme, or a life theme?  Listen to some of the stories on this website for ideas and suggestions.  

And then tell me what you want.

I will be there for you.

Robert Béla Wilhelm

Bob Wilhelm at Hay-Adams

 About the Stories I tell

These are almost all traditional folktales or legends from storytellers around the world.  They can be long or short, funny or tender, playful or suspenseful, mysterious or filled with every day wisdom. The tales are from Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America, the Middle East, and story-rich places in the USA — Appalachia, Louisiana, New Mexico, Florida, Hawaii.   

These stories are not for younger children below the age of 9. They do not have the vocabulary, the attention span, nor the ability to weave their way through complex plots and characters. 

Small audiences (10 to 25 persons) are best for informal settings like living rooms, backyard gardens, and comfortable lounges at community centers.  Larger audiences (up to 100 persons) are for small theatres, art galleries, lecture halls, church sanctuaries.

I always dim the stage lights and turn up the house lights so that I can see persons in the audience… since I am not an actor but a storyteller.  When I see their facial response to moments in the telling, it helps me enliven my telling. And, of course, I enjoy meeting with the audience afterwards to discuss the art of storytelling.

Please contact me here if you have any questions.