Other Stories Online


All of the stories on this site are "just the stories themselves" without introductions or commentaries. These tales reflect my life-long professional work as a folklorist, mythologist, travel guide, and educator. They are told as traditional stories for the listener’s entertainment and — perhaps — cultural or artistic enhancement. They arise out of my love and respect for the diverse tales of all the peoples of the world.

But there is another part of my storytelling that is rooted in my religious tradition. Over the past 50 years I have also placed many folktales, myths, histories, and legends at the service of my faith community.  I am also trained as a theologian and a religious artist.  And so these stories are told in the context of my Catholic Christian faith.

This second set of stories have the stories “sandwiched” between an opening Scripture and a prayerful ending commentary.  They are selected to correspond with the Sunday Scripture readings throughout the calendar year.

Perhaps you would enjoy listening to this different kind of storytelling — a sacred storytelling rather than a cultural storytelling.  These are not storytellings to proselytize but to share my spirituality with persons who are also on a spiritual path — but of a different kind.

Whether you are a Christian or an Athiest, a Jew or an Agnostic, a Muslim or a Secular Humanist… If you are curious, I invite you to listen and take what you like from these tellings, and leave aside the rest: sacredstorytelling.org

— Robert Béla Wilhelm

Bob in Frederick