The Mester Ship Orkney 040

Listen to the Story

"A Whale of a Tale” suggests a story that is too big to believe. Outlandish.  A tale tall.  But did you know that the Whale Islands (another name for the Orkney Islands) have a unique whale of a tale that is far more mystical and magical than most stories about tall sailing ships?  It is called “The Mester Ship”. Perhaps it was originally some ancient Viking warship.  Or a speedy clipper ship. Or a huge Hudson Bay Company cargo ship.  Whatever the source in history or myth, this is a tale that is preposterous, outrageous, outlandish… and a delight to the tongue and the ear.  Listen to me tell “The Mester Ship” as recorded by folklorist Walter Trail Dennison from the narration of an Orkney weaver almost 200 years ago.

Please share your private response to the story of The Mester Ship with me. As the teller, I wonder how the story was heard… by You!. Thanks!