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Nagykallo was an important center for Hasidic Judaism in Hungary.  Here, the great Rabbi Itzhak Isaac Taub of Kalev (another name for Nagykallo), took the melody he heard from a young Hungarian girl tending her flock of geese.  He then gave them new words, creating the prayer "Already the Rooster Crows…" - Szól a kakas már - about the yearning for deliverance from exile and a return to Jerusalem. (scroll down for a translation of the song.)

Bea Palya - Palya Bea in the Hungarian word order of family name first - sings this at a Budapest synagogue. She is one of my favorite Hungarian singers.

The tomb of Rabbi Isaac -- Izsak Eisik in Hungarian -  is a pilgrimage destination for Orthodox Jews. I will tell the story of how Rabbi Isaac "redeemed" the melody for the Jewish people on our visit to Nagykallo.


"Dreaming Rabbi" by Imre Amos

Imre Amos - Ámos Imre - a Jewish artist from this community painted the primary images of the story.  Inspired by Marc Chagall, the Hungarian Jew was a victim of the Holocaust

Lyrics to the Song:


Already the rooster crows. Szol a kakas mar

Already the sun rises. majd meg virrad mar

In forests green, in open fields, Zold erdoben, sik mezoben 

Walks a little bird. Setal egy madar

What a bird is that? Micsoda madar ?! 

What a bird is that? Micsoda madar ?! 

Yellow-footed, blue-winged, Sarga laba, kek a szarnya

Waiting for me there. Engem oda var 

Wait, bird, wait! Varj madar, varj!

You must always wait! Te csak mindig varj 

If G-d only gave me to you, Ha az Isten neked rendelt

Yours then I would be. Tied leszek mar 

When will that happen? Mikor lesz az mar?

When will that happen? Mikor lesz az mar?


When the Temple stands again, K'She Yibone HaMikdosh

And Zion is rebult again. Ir Tzion temale 

Then will it happen. Akkor lesz az mar 

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