Matyóföld Villages & Art of the Matyo People

In Medieval times, King Matthias - Matyás - settled these people near Eger.  Over the centuries the Matyós - "People of King Matthias" - developed distinctive art & design work, music and dances. These are preserved in the historic district of Hadas in the town of Mezőkövesd


Traditional Matyo dancers

UNESCO has recognized the Matyo people for the "intangible cultural heritage" in all their folk arts from music to design."


Matyo Embroidery

Matyoland - Matyóföld - is the perfect place for me to tell the story of King Matthias and the High Renaissance of Hungary in the 1400's. The King Matyás Renaissance Faire is held here every year.


A Demonstration at the Matyo Cultural Center

-- Robert Béla Wilhelm

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