Holloko The Raven's Rock

The village of Holloko is a UNESCO world heritage site. Here the village houses and surrounding fields preserve the living traditions of the Paloc, a Hungarian people with a distinct ethnic identity: They were a Turkic-speaking nomadic people who settled in Hungary during the reign of King Lazlo in the 11th Century.


Paloc dancers and musicians in Holloko

Towering abouve the village is the ruins of the ancient 13th-Century castle, with connections to King Lajos (Louis I) and King Lazlo (Ladislas I).  The Legend of Lazlo, rooted in ancient pre-Christian Magyar mythology, will be told here at the Raven's Rock Castle.

Raven's Rock

Holloko - Raven's Rock - perched atop a mountain

Nearby is Szentkút, the Holy Well made by the imprint of Lazlo's horse's hoof, and a center of medieval pilgrimages.

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