Bells of Ys Brittany, France 097

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The struggle between two realms is at the heart of this folktale from Brittany, France.  The kingdoms of Land and Sea battle through gales and storms, threatening the City of Ys where prayerful people ring bells to warn ships sailing through storms.  As the storms grow more fierce, a wall and watergates are built to protect the city from the flooding sea. But no one knows how to fashion the key that will lock them shut.

old key

A mysterious woman emerges from the sea, drawn by her love for the people of Ys who struggle against the sea.  She joins them in prayer and song.  And she reveals to them the secret of the key.

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To listen to a commentary on the spiritual dimension from a Catholic Christian perspective of the the story, please visit This Link. I tell stories in both secular/cultural and religious/spiritual contexts.  I am both a folklorist and a religious artist.  Please choose to listen on the site that is most comfortable for you.

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