Mastering the Art of Storytelling 

Stories from the Peoples of the World

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Love Always Endures Korea 056

The Butterfly Widow Korea 055

Fool Who Counted Sins Middle East 054

Sancho Servant to the King Spain 053

Herald of Peace Estonia 052

Margery Kempe of Lynn England 051

Dame Julian of Norwich England 050

Guthlac, Hermit of the Fens England 049

Peddler of Swaffham England 048

Widow who carried Sticks Africa 047

Anastasia Martinique 046

The Limpet Bride Orkney 045

The Cowry Shell Hawaii 044

The Missing Sketch USA 043

The Firekeepers Hawaii 042

The Birdcatcher Hawaii 041

The Mester Ship Orkney 040

Miriam’s Well Israel 039

South Mountain Magic USA 038

Walk with me as a Friend Hawaii 037

Jozsi the Fisher Lad Hungary 036

Hazan of Basra Iraq 035

Mergen the Archer Mongolia 034

The Tempest Bermuda 033

Rainbow Canoe Hawaii 032

What Mockingbird Sang Nigeria 031

The Doppelganger USA 030

Bobok the Toad USA 029

Salmon of Wisdom Ireland 028

The Devil’s 9 Questions Hungary 027

Fatimah the Spinner Morocco 026

Little Friend Coyote USA 025

Godfather Death Haiti 024

Coconut Moon Hawaii 023

Saint Anthony’s Fire Italy 022

The Ghostly Knight Germany 021

The Bedouin Princess Arabia 020

Magic Horse Whip Hungary 019

Christmas in Greccio Italy 018

Raven and Seagull USA 017

Winter Roses Mexico 016

1001st Prince Hungary 015

Where Angels Plow USA 014

The Moon Mother USA 013

Boy Who Drew Cats Japan 012

Audun’s Polar Bear Iceland 011

With Eagle’s Eyes USA 010

Ivar’s Tale Iceland 009

The Crane Bride Japan 008

Unerbek Kazakhstan 007

Fire on Cold Mountain Ethiopia 006

Devil’s Backbone USA 005

Blue Light of Dawn USA 004

Naina Bai India 003

In the City of Benzoin USA 002

The Alabaster Castle Hungary 001